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Amada LC-1212 Alpha 11 1.5Kw

AMADA LC1212 Alpha 11 Laser Working Area: 1270 x 1270 + auto repositioning300mm Z axisMaxi..

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Amada LC2415 Alpha 111 4kw

Amada LC2515 Alpha 111 1550 mm  (X) 2520 (Y) with auto-repositioning 1550 mm (X) 5040..

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AMADA Quatro 1kw New

AMADA Quatro 1kw

AMADA Quatro 1kw Working Area: 1260 x 1260 + auto repositioning100mm Z axisFanuc 1000W las..

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AMADA Quatro 2kw

AMADA Quatro 2kw Working Area: 1260 x 1260 + auto repositioning100mm Z axisFanuc 2000W las..

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Bodor Tube Laser Cutting IPG

Bodor Tube Laser Tube Length 6000 mmX Axis 250 mmY Axis 6500 mmDiameter 20 mm - 200 mmPowe..

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Bystronic ByJet 4022

Bystronic ByJet 4022 Water JetYear 20074000mm x 2250mmZ 250mmCutting Heads 2Automatic slud..

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Bystronic Bysprint 3015 3.0kW

BYSPRINT 3015 3.0kWCutting range X = 3048mm Y = 1524mm Z = 70mmBylaser 3000 new turbo blower fitted ..

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Flow WMC Dynamic Heads 4000 x 2000

FLOW Model WMC 40204000mm x 2000mmTwin Heads with Dynamic Water jet  with Active Tolerance..

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LVD Impulse 3020

LVD IMPULSE 3020Working Area: 3000 mm x 2000 mmTwo automatic change tablesFanuc resonator ..

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Mazak Hyeer Gear 510 New

Mazak Hyeer Gear 510

Mazak Hyper Gear 510 LaserWorking Area: 3070 x 1550 mmTable load 900 kg 4000 W r..

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Nisshinbo MAP630

Nisshinbo MAP6301250 x 630 plus auto-repositioning2500 x 630 with one auto-repositionRear clamps&nbs..

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Trumpf L3030 4.0Kw

Trumpf L30303000mm x 1250mmLaser TLF 4000 watt laser New resonator 201320mm mild steel15mm..

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Trumpf L3040

Trumpf Model L3040X axis 3000 mm  Y axis 1500 mm Z axis 115 mmTLF 4000 watt laser Las..

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Trumpf L3050 5Kw

Trumpf L3050 5KW3000 x 1500Laser TLF 5000 W refurbishedSinumerik 840D controlHI-LAS high pressu..

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Trumpf L4050 5Kw

TRUMPF L4050 RemanufacturedWorking area 4000mm x 2000mmTruFlow 5000 watt laser25mm mild steel15..

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Trumpf TubeMatic 5000 New

Trumpf TubeMatic 5000

Trumpf TubeMatic 50006500 mmTruFlow 3200 watt laser Power on tbaCutting tbaSiemens Sinemer..

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Bodor i3 Linear New

Bodor i3 Linear

Bodor i3 Linear X Axis 500 mmY Axis 500 mmPower Options 500W, 800W, 1000W, 2000W..

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Bodor i5 New

Bodor i5

Bodor i5 X Axis 1300 mmY Axis 900 mmPower Options 500W, 800W, 1000W, 2000W, 2500..

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Bodor i7 New

Bodor i7

Bodor i7X Axis 1500 mmY Axis 1000 mmPower Options 500W, 800W, 1000W, 2000W, 2500W, 30..

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Bodor P1530 Laser Cutting IPG New

Bodor P1530 Laser Cutting IPG

Bodor 1530 Laser X Axis 3000 mmY Axis 15300 mmZ Axis 315 mm Power Options 2000W,..

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