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2003 Amada FO-3015 LKI AS LUL 300 FO

Amada FO-3015 LKI ASUL 300 FOAxis Traverse Distance 3100 x 1550 x 120 Z axis Fanuc AF-4000E las..

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2006 Bystronic Byspeed 3015

Bystronic Byspeed 3015 4.4kw Y = 3048mm X = 1524mm Z = 100mmBylaser 4400 Po..

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2007 Amada LC3015X1NT

AMADA LC3015 X1 NT LASER3050 mm x 1550 mm x 120mm Z Axis4.0Kw (4500W peak power) 20mm..

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2007 Trumpf L5030 Classic

Trumpf Model L5030 Classic3000 x 1500 Max work piece 900 kgMax axis speed simultaneous 300 m/min&nbs..

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2009 Bystronic BySprint 3015 New

2009 Bystronic BySprint 3015

Bystronic BySprint 3015 Y = 3048mm X = 1524mm Z = 70mmBylaser 2200 Power on..

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2010 Trumpf L5030 New

2010 Trumpf L5030

Trumpf Model L5030X axis 3000mmY axis 1500 Z axis 115mm Max work piece 900 kgMax axis spee..

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2012 Trumpf L5030 New

2012 Trumpf L5030

Trumpf Model L5030X axis 3000mmY axis 1500 Z axis 115mm Max work piece 900 kgMax axis spee..

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2013 BySprint Fiber 3000W New

2013 BySprint Fiber 3000W

Bystronic BySprint Fiber 3015 3000 W3000 mm x 1500 mm x 70mm Z axisMax positioni..

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2013 Trumpf 3000 TruPunch New

2013 Trumpf 3000 TruPunch

Trumpf TruPunch 3000 (S11)TruPunch 3000 medium formatWorking areaPunching operation ............

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2014 Trumpf TruLaser 1030 New

2014 Trumpf TruLaser 1030

Trumpf TruLaser 1030X axis 3000 mmY axis 1500 mmZ axis 75 mm Max work piece 720 kgMax axis..

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2017 LVD 6kW Fiber Phoenix 3015-FL New

2017 LVD 6kW Fiber Phoenix 3015-FL

2017 LVD 6kW Fiber Phoenix 3015-FL3070 mm x 1570 mm x 130mm Z axisIPG YLS-6000-CUT Fi..

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Flow WMC Dynamic Heads 4000 x 2000

FLOW Model WMC 40204000mm x 2000mmTwin Heads with Dynamic Water jet  with Active Tolerance..

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Profile 600 Laserblade 3015

Profile 600 Laserblade 30153000 mm x 1500 mm100mm Z axis2500W laser with new turbo blower1..

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Trumpf 5000R 1600 FMC New

Trumpf 5000R 1600 FMC

Trumpf 5000R 1600 FMC 3000 mm x 1650 mm8 mm Max thickness202 kN punching forceMax wor..

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Trumpf 6000L New

Trumpf 6000L

Trumpf TruMatic 6000L1250  x 2500TLF 320018 tools with 3 clamps Loading cartridges&nb..

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Trumpf 600L

Trumpf TruMatic 600L1250  x 2500TrumaGrip sheet skeleton removalTLF 150018 tools with 3 cl..

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